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     Irish Road Motors Accident Repair Centre - Campsie

Awarded UK Independent Accident Repair Centre Of The Year  

                        Brendan Ramsey, Accident Repair Centre Manager and Derek Martin, Managing Director.

Irish Road Motors Accident Repair Centre, Campsie have been awarded UK Independent                      Accident Repair Centre of the Year at a ceremony in Newport, Wales on Friday 17th October.                    Derek Martin, Managing Director and Accident Repair Centre Manager Brendan Ramsey                        received the prestigious award at the Gala Ceremony which was attended by over 1,000 people.

Derek Martin, stated that he was delighted with the award. "It is a tremendous achievement                         for a local company. We are the first Northern Ireland Accident Repair Centre to achieve it                          and our success, we believe, results from the efforts of the whole team in Campsie".                                   He went on to say that "IRM Accident Repair Centre is a family run business with premises                          also in Craigavon. We were up against many large syndicated groups from all over the UK,                         and are therefore especially delighted that against this background of high quality                           competition we achieved the award".

We invested 1.1M non funded money in Campsie four years ago and employ 22 people                              in the North-West, we are hopeful that this recent accolade will further develop the business                         and increase employment.

Derek believes that it is the committment of the staff that has contributed to the success,                          "We invested in the North-West because we knew we could find the right people with the                            right skills and a very positive attitude that enables us to deliver a top quality service".

"Our consistent approach in producing the highest quality workmanship combined with the                      highest possible standards of customer care has also been crucial. We have spent years                     perfecting the very finest quality service, the results of which can be seen in the shear                            volume of satisfied customers we generate year on year". Derek went on to say "Campsie                          has been successful because we listen to our customers and we remain dedicated to offering                    them maximum convenience".